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Biography of Principal

Sean Williams, MBA.

Sean has 30 years of business experience including 19 years as self employed. Building on an educational foundation of bachelor's degree in Accounting from Purdue University, he worked in the Finance Department of General Electric and Honeywell. Sean performed preparation and analysis of accounting reports for senior management.

Seeking a broader business experience, Sean earned his MBA from Harvard Business School.He then worked as a general manager for the Investment Divisions of CIGNA Insurance and Ocwen Financial Corporation.His accounting background was always utilized while he assumed P & L responsibilities.Leveraging this vast experience, he became self employed in 2001 providing business service and advice to business owners and high net worth individuals.

Sean is active in the community with membership in groups including Sickle Cell Foundation of Palm Beach County, Republican Caucus of Palm Beach County, Premier Youth Athletic Corporation, Cedar Ridge HOA Board of Directors, Miami Jackson Transplant Foundation, and Black Chamber of Commerce of Palm Beach County.

Sean is married with 3 children. He resides in West Palm Beach.

Sean Williams

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